Fly Tying Videos

Mullet Shrimp
A very durable, realistic and effective midge pupa imitation for the Bighorn River
Flashback Caddis Hook: Tiemco 2499SP #14 Thread: Benecchi 12/0, black Abdomen: Ultrawire, olive...
Anton Pousar tying a scandinavian style tube fly for salmon called Silver Glödhäck. Me and Anton...
Video tutorial for tying the bunny raggworm.
A video tutorial for tying the CdC shrimp.
Steve Cullen, Editor of Total Flyfisher Magazine shows you how to tie the Claret Crumble.
EP Permit Bonefish Crab Fly Tying Instructions and Tutorial
Griffith's Gnat Fly Tying Midge Cluster Instruction and How To Tie Tutorial
During this tutorial, I explain three techniques for utilizing microfibetts when tying dry flies....
A very easy way to tie a good tube fly. This works great in all sizes! Swedish narration, but easy...
Fly Tying a Classic Dry Fly the Blue Quill with Jim Misiura