Fly Tying Videos

Fly Tying the Autumn Sunset with Jim Misiura
Fly tying, salmon/sea trout: Lindstroem Zonker
Hammer Creek Fly Fishing Ties an HC Foam Stone
This fly tying video will walk you through the steps on how to tie a Split Wing PMD Emerger. Tied...
Extended Body Woolly Bugger, great for Smallmouth Bass.
The fly in this tutorial is both effective to fish and quick to tie, two of my favorite things to...
Hammer Creek Fly Fishing Ties a Sedgehammer
hook: #2 Ken Sawada Silver Fiesta (LD2) ribs:gold medium lagartun and monofil 0.23mm body: Whitlock...
Fly tying: salmon/sea trout tube fly: Chartreuse Soerensen
Making Perfect Hopper Legs - Fly Tying Tips and Tricks
A simple minnow pattern.
Hammer Creek Fly Fishing Ties an Irresistible Adams