Videos by Jim Misiura

Sulpher Crackleback

Hook: Std Dry #14 - #18
Thread: Cream
Back: Peacock Herl
Body: Sulpher Orange Dubbing
Hackle: Cream

March Brown Wonderbug

Hook: 2xl Dry #12 - #14
Thread: Rusty Brown
Shuck: Brown Antron/Z-Lon
Body: March Brown Tan
Underwing: Antron/Z-Lon
Legs: Woodduck Flank
Wing: Deer Hair

FrostyFly Realstic Bee

Hook: Curved Shank #14
Thread: Black
Body: FrostyFly Bee Body
Legs: FrostyFly Insect Legs
Wings: FrostyFly Bee Wings

FrostyFly Flying Ant

Hook: Std Dry #16
Thread: Black
Body: FrostyFly Foam Bodies
Wing: FrostyFly Realistis Wing
Hackle: Black

CDC Olive Wonderbug

Hook: Std Dry #16 - #20
Thread: Black
Shuck: Cream Antron/Z-Lon
Body: Olive Dubbing
Underwing: Cream Antron/Z-Lon
Legs: Woodduck Flank
Wings: Slate Grey CDC

CDC Budding Beatis Emerger

Hook: Fine Wire Scud #16 - #20
Thread: Olive
Shuck: Antron
Abdomen: Stripped Peacock Herl
Thorax: Olive Dubbing
Wingpost: White Foam
Hackle: Slate Grey CDC

Pheasant Tail Midge

Hook: Scud #10 - #20
Thread: Red
Rib: Extra Fine Silver Wire
Tag: Red Thread
Abdomen: Dark Pheasant Tail
Thorax: Red Tinsel
Head: Peacock Herl
Gills: 130 Denier White Thread

Ken's Beadhead Caddis Pupa

Hook: Std Wet/Nymph #12 - #18
Thread: Black
Body: green Acrylic Hair Band
Thorax: Olive Dubbing
Hackle: Partridge
Head: Olive Dubbing

Stuck in its Shuck Caddis

Hook: Std Dry #12 - # 18
Thread: Tan
Shuck: Olive / Brown Poly Yarn
Body: Olive Dubbing
Wing: Deer Hair
Hackle: Partridge

Lively Legz Prince

Hook: 2xl Nymph #8 - #18
Bead: 3mm Copper
Weight: .025 Lead Wire (Optional)
Thread: Black
Tail: Tan Goose Biot
Rib: Copper Wire
Legs: Lively Legz
Body: Peacock Herl
Hackle: Coachman Red
Wings: White Goose Biots

CDC Quill Gordon

Hook: Std Dry #12 - #14
Thread: Cream
Tail: Blue Dun Hackle
Body: Stripped Peacock Herl
Wing: Grey CDC/Wood Duck Flank
Hackle: Grey CDC

Black and Chartreuse Lively Legz Nymph

Hook: 2xl Nymph #12 - #16
Bead: 3mm Copper
Weight: Optional
Thread: Black
Rib: Copper Wire
Abdomen: Black Floss
Legs: Lively Legz Black
Wingcase: Chartreuse Yarn or Floss
Thorax: Black Dubbing

Latex Caddis Larva

Hook: Scud #14 - #20
Thread: Chartreuse and Dark Olive
Abdomen: Elastic Acrylic Olive
Antennae: Wood Duck Flank
Wing: Swiss Straw
Head: Dark Brown Dubbing

Delaware River Adams

Hook: Std Dry #12 - #18
Thread: Black
Wing: Grizzly Hackle Tips
Tail: Grizzly/Ginger Hackle
Body Hackle: Grizzly
Body: Adams Grey Dubbing
Hackle: Grizzly/Ginger

Green Peter

Hook: Std Wet #14 - #18
Weight: Optional
Thread: Black
Body: Pea Green
Rib: Gold Wire
Hackle: Coachman Brown
Wing: Hen Pheasant Tail

Beadhead CDC Caddis Larva

Hook: Scud #12 -#18
Bead: 2mm Black
Thread: Olive
Abdomen: Dyed/Stripped Olive Peacock Herl
Hackle: CDC Light Grey

Hare's Ear Caddis

Hook: Std Dry #14 - #20
Thread: Brown
Body: Hare's Ear
Wing: Deer Hair

Diamond Braid Hare's Ear

Hook: 1xl Nymph #12 - #18
Bead: 3mm Silver
Weight: .010 Lead Wire
Thread: Brown
Tail: Mallard Flank
Rib: Extra Fine Copper Wire
Back/Wingcase: Pearl Diamond Braid
Abdomen: Light Hare's Ear
Thorax: Dark Hare's Ear
Legs: Mallard Flank
Head: Dark Hare's Ear

Olive GSS Pheasant Tail

Hook: 1xl - 2xl Nymph #12 - #18
Bead: 3mm Copper
Weight: .010 Lead Wire
Rib: Extra Fine Copper Wire
Tail/Abdomen: Pheasant Tail
Wingcase/Legs: Pheasant Tail
Thorax: GSS Olive

LivelyLegz Generic Nymph

Hook: Std Nymph #6 - #18
Weight: .030 Lead Wire
Thread: Brown
Rib: Black Wire
Tail: Pheasant Tail
Abdomen: Pale Yellow Dubbing
Back: Pheasant
Thorax: Pale Yellow Dubbing
Wingcase: Turkey Tail

Web Wing Henryville Special

Hook: Std Dry #14 - #18
Thread: Brown
Body: Olive brown
Rib: Fine Gold Wire
Hackle: Ginger Grizzly
Wing: Web Wing

Blue Charm

Hook: Salmon or Curved Shank #6 - #12
Thread: Black
Tag: Oval Silver Tinsel
Tip: Golden Yellow Floss
Rib: Oval Silver Tinsel
Tail: Golden Pheasant Crest
Body: Black Floss
Collar: Blue Hackle
Wing: Red Squirrel Tail

Parachute Pheasant Tail

Hook: Std Dry #12 - #18
Thread: Black
Tail: Mallard or Wood Duck Flank
Rib: Copper or Gold Wire
Abdomen: Pheasant Tail
Wing Post: Mallard or Wood Duck Flank
Hackle: Grizzly and Ginger
Thorax: Tan Dubbing

Chartreuse and Pink Comet

Hook: Salmon or Curved #6 - #12
Eyes: Chartreuse Beadchain
Tail: Chartreuse Hackle
Rib: Pink Floss
Body: Chartreuse Floss or Yarn
Hackle: Chartreuse