Videos by Andrew Saunders

Beatis Nymph

Great Nymph Pattern for the rivers fished Czech nymph style.

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Buzzer Challenege Part 2

Part 2 of my Buzzer Challenege

Buzzer Challenge Part 1

Here is a new type of video..I was challenged to tie a buzzer which could represent a buzzer which was photographed by Stefan Jones. Lets see how the first attempt turned out.
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SMHAEN Bobbin Holder Review

This is a Review of the SMHAEN bobbin holder made by Stig Hansen reviewed by AndyPandy,
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Quill Buzzer

Your fishing box just needs one of these buzzers. Why you ask ? dont ask why just put it on your leader and go and catch some fish :)
Tight Lines AP

Hook - #12 Elite Barbless Grub
Rib - Polish Quills Stripped Quill
Thread - Veevus 10/0 Black
Cover - Mirage Sheet
Cheeks - Hot Orange Spanflex

Deer Creek UV Resin @!uv-resin/c1bhd

Polish Quills @!product/prd1/4129473511/polish-stripped-quills

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Grey Boy Buzzer

Tying a Grey Boy Buzzer
Hook #10 Wet Fly Hook
Body - Black Thread
Rib - Clear Spanflex
Cheeks - Orange Spanflex
Finished with Deer Creek Diamond Fine UV resin
Cover - Medium Pearl Tinsel

Green Quill Shuttlecock

Tying a #14 Green Quill Shuttlecock


Hook - #6 Tyeeachy Blob Hook
FA - 8-9mm Boobie Cord
Body - Sunburst Blob Fritz 15mm

Seals Fur Shuttlecock

Hook - 14-18 Dry Fly
Body - deer Creek Northern Lights Seals Fur
Rib - Pearl Tinsel (fine)
Wing - 3 x CDC Feathers.

Black F-Fly

Hook - 14-18 Dry Fly
Body - Deer Creek Northern Lights Seals Fur
Wing - CDC

Popper Hopper

This is great pattern for the summer and autumn months when the fish are higher in the water looking for food.

Hook - #10 Dry Fly Tyeeachy
Body - Deer Creek Northern Lights Seals Fur
Legs - Knotted Pheasant Tail
Rib - Pearl Tinsel fine
Thorax -Deer Creek Northern Lights Seals Fur
hackle - Dyed Hot Olive Cock Hackle
Popper - 8-9mm Boobie eye

Simple Buzzer

A simple Buzzer for Beginners to try.

Hook - Grub Hook 10-16
Body - Black Thread
Rib - Silver Tinsel
Cheeks - Goose Biots
Finished with Deer Creek UV Resin.

Black Holographic Zonker

Tying this very productive pattern.

Hook - Long Shank #8-10
Body - Holohgraphic Ice Dubbing
Wing - Black Zonker Strip
Thorax - Red Hares Ear
Thread - Black Uni 8/0
Bead 3.3mm Veniard

Simple Hares Ear

A simple Hares Ear for all waters.

Hook - 10-18 Wet fly hook
Tail - Rabbit fibres
Body - Hares ear
Rib -Fine Gold Wire
Hood - Pheasant Tail
Thread - Brown Uni 8/0

Simple Diawl Bach

A very Simple Version of the Diawl bach which will help and new tyer catch some fish and create some nice diawl bachs.

Hook - #10 - 14 wet fly
Tail - Black Cock fibres
Body - peacock Herl
Throat Hackle - Black Cock Hackle
Thread - Hot Orange.
Cheeks - Jungle Cock
Head Finished with Deer Creek Diamond Hard UV Resin.

Black Dabbler

Great Dabbler for Browns and Rainbows.

Hook - #10 Hayabusa Comp Heavy
Tail - Bronze Mallard
Body - Black Synergy
Throat and wing - Bronze Mallard
Cheeks - Jungle Cock Split
Hackle - Black Cock Hackle

Quill Jelly Pupa/Bug

Hook- #12-#16 Grub
Body - White Spanflex
Rib - Stripped Quill
Thorax - Hares Ear
Hood - Natural Cock Pheasant
Hot head - 2.5mm Hot Orange Brass Bead.
Thread - Uni Trico

Winter Buzzer

Hook - #12-14 Grub
Body - UTC Ultra Wire
Thorax - Northern Lights Seals Fur
Thread - Black Veevus 10/0

Jelly Pheasant Tail

Hook- #10-18 Hayabusa/tyeeachy Wet
Body - Grey Spanflex
Rib - black UTC Ultra Wire & Pheasant Tail
Tail - Pheasant Tail
Hood - Pheasant Tail 6-7 fibres
Thorax - Hares Ear
Thread - Black Veevus 10/0

Pink Jelly Czech

Tying this Killer River Pattern.

Jelly Shuttlecock

Hook - #14 - 20 Grub
Body - Grey Spanflex
Rib - Red Iris Thread
Shuttle - natural CDC
Thread - Uni Trico
Thorax - Seals Fur