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New NZ fly-fishing podcast

Author and photographer Derek Grzelewski of Trout Diaries fame has started a new podcast from News Zealand available from his web site and iTunes

Feb 17th 2013/mj

Johnny Groome

Recorded live on one of the best trout rivers in the world you probably never heard about, Derek Grzelewski's first podcast is an interview with artist, painter and fly-fisher Johnny Groome, whose mission has become looking after the New Zealand west coast river Arnold River, which he has been fishing for 30 years. Johnny and the river are also covered in Dereks book The Trout Diaries, which we have both featured and reviewed here on GFF.

The episode in really number three with Derek, but the first two ones weren't made by himself, but with himself. This time Derek is the producer and interviewer.

Derek and Johnny talks about the river, its stable fishing and good hatches and the river conditions in general, especially its lack of sensitivity to flooding.
There is fishing talk, where the particular conditions in the Arnold are covered in detail, the fact that it's often blind fished unlike many other NZ rivers, where long walks, stalking fish and sight fishing is the most common. Derek and Johnny of course also touch upon the threats on rivers such as dewatering and industrial development, and the fact that spreading the word about rivers actually make them safer through the knowledge of its existence while secret rivers die in secrecy. Altogether a really nice coverage of the river and its potential problems, but also its vast resources to anglers.

The duration of this episode is just over one hour, and the style reminds much of the style used in the former podcast made here on GFF, recorded by the water and with a nice pace, small music spots and a nice ambiance and tempo.
Find the episode on Derek's web site or on iTunes, where you can also subscribe to the podcast and get future episodes, which are expected to be out every two weeks.


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