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Free online fly-tying course

Norwegian based fly-tyer, photographer and author Barry Ord Clarke is running an online fly-tying course for beginners. There's still time to join.

Feb 5th 2013/mj
Beginner\\\'s course -
Beginner's course
If you're a rookie fly-tyer or maybe even a non-tyer who has thought about taking up this fun part of fly-fishing, then Norwegian based author Barry Ord Clarke has an offer: An absolutely free and very thorough course in fly-tying, starting of with the most basic knowledge and skills, and working on towards more advanced subjects.
Barry writes in the intro:
- It’s not easy starting to tie flies without some good fundamental tuition in choice of materials, hooks, tools and techniques.
He continues:
- In order to help those of all ages that are new to fly tying, I would like to start a free on line tutorial and Q & A column, that will cover all the basic’s, and guide the beginner from the correct way to secure a hook in the vice to the finished fishing fly and many more useful techniques in between.

The course is already running in the form of three published articles and more to come, and will be supplemented with a Q&A-section as things progress.
You can easily catch up since all chapters of course are online, and you can sign up and get notified when new parts of the course are ready.

- Intro
- Fly tying course #1: Getting started
- Fly tying course #2: Thread and Whip finish
- Fly tying course #3: It's a material world



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