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This is Fly February issue out

Yet another virtual fishing magazine has released a new issue. This is Fly is online and free.

Feb 3rd 2013/mj
This is Fly - February 2013 issue
This is Fly
As usual chuck full of articles and great photography, even music. Yes, This is Fly has their Mix Tape tradition, and this magazine plays music! This is Fly has always had an artsy edge, but this issue seems to be a little subdued in that respect. It has art, but the layout and content seems to be more traditional than in some of the past issues.

It's also chuck full of ads like any magazine, and my enthusiasm for online magazines is not exactly growing for every time I leaf through it. When I click on the beautiful editorial pages it flips over to the next spread, animated of courkkse. If I click on an ad page... I get taken to the advertisers web site.

But my personal grudge about online magazines can't ruin the fact that you get some excellent articles, some exquisite photography and even music if you want it all for free in this new issue of This is Fly. But get it now because it doesn't stay free. Once it goes in the archive with the rest of the past issues, you can download it as a PDF, but that will run you USD 2.- per issue.



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