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New UNI products for 2013

One of the big players in the thread, yarn, tinsel and floss market has a fe new products for 2013.

Jan 7th 2013/mj

UNI products for 2013

Canadian UNI Products has introduced the new UNI-Mohair 1 Ply yarn for the season 2013. It's a thinner version of the existing Mohair line, and a perfect size for small-body flies.
It has long fibres and is available in six natural colors Black, Burnt Orange, Brown, Gold, Dark Olive and Red. Making realistic dubbed bodies in a single step, teasing out the fibers at the back to simulate a trailing shuck, are just two of the many possible uses.
At the same time Uni adds two more colors to its regular Mohair line, increasing the number of colors to 27.

Uni also introduces UNI-Flexx in gold. It's a fine elastic strand that can be divided into even smaller strands if desired. It already comes in fifteen colors: Chartreuse, Yellow, White, Green Highlander, Royal Blue, Camel, Purple, Fushia, Orange, Red, Dark Brown, Black, Grey, Olive Dun, Phosphorescent White (glow in the dark) and then gold, which is new for 2013.
UNI-Flexx can be used as rubber legs and skirts. Some like it as a floss replacement because it is much easier to handle. It's excellent for bodies of small nymphs, larva, and pupa. The stretch permits the material to be laid on the hook with a variety of tensions giving a taper to the body.



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