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International Fly Fishing Film Festival

With up towards 70 screenings the International Fly Fishing Film Festival is a truly large fly fishing film event

Dec 29th 2012/mj

IF4 film screening

The International Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4) consists of short and feature length films produced by professional and amateur filmmakers from all corners of the globe, showcasing the passion, lifestyle and culture of fly-fishing. The variety of films at this event is meant to peak the interest of all anglers. IF4 contains exclusive content not available in an other fly-fishing film event.

The program consists of these videos:
“California Trout” – Burl Productions
“Cast Alaska II” – Cross Current Fishing Productions
“The Last Salmon Forest” – Detonation Studios
“Surf’s Up” – Fly Max Films
“Only the River Knows” – Kokkaffe Media
“SIFF12: Northeast” – PHL Films
“A Deliberate Life” – Silo4
“Competition” – Vantage Point Media House
“Angry Rain” – Castaway Films
“Beard Chronicles” – Marc Crapo

The Festival starts January 3rd in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and then tours mainly the US with showings at different fly shows, in shops and in theaters. Entry prices vary between 10 and 15 USD

2013 International Fly Fishing Film Festival Trailer ( IF4 2013 )

The word International might be overdoing it just a bit. Sure, there are shows in both Canada and Chile, but the far majority of the shows are in the US.

The schedule is impressing no matter what, and looks like this:
January 3rd, 2013Calgary, ABWorld Premiere, Bow Habitat Station
January 4th, 2013Denver, COUS Premiere, Merchandise Mart
January 18th, 2013Marlborough, MARoyal Plaza
January 24th, 2013Calgary, ABCanadian Premiere, Empire Theatre (Shawnessey)
January 25th, 2013Somerset, NJDouble Tree Hotel
February 9th, 2013Winston-Salem, NCBenton Convention Center
February 16th, 2013Lynnwood, WALynnwood Convention Center
February 16th, 2013Gonzales, LACabela’s
February 17th, 2013Gonzales, LACabela’s
February 16th, 2013Allen, TXCabela’s
February 17th, 2013Allen, TXCabela’s
February 16th, 2013Glendale, AZCabela’s
February 17th, 2013Glendale, AZCabela’s
February 16th, 2013Kansas City, KSCabela’s
February 17th, 2013Kansas City, KSCabela’s
February 16th, 2013Rogers, ARCabela’s
February 17th, 2013Rogers, ARCabela’s
February 16th, 2013Fort Worth, TXCabela’s
February 17th, 2013Fort Worth, TXCabela’s
March 2nd, 2012Lancaster, PALancaster County Convention Center
March 2nd, 2013Buda, TXCabela’s
March 3rd, 2013Buda, TXCabela’s
March 2nd, 2013Dundee, MICabela’s
March 3rd, 2013Dundee, MICabela’s
March 3rd, 2013Hamburg, PACabela’s
March 2nd, 2013Triadelphia, WVCabela’s
March 3rd, 2013Triadelphia, WVCabela’s
March 2nd, 2013Richfield, WICabela’s
March 3rd, 2013Richfield, WICabela’s
March 2nd, 2013East Hartford, CTCabela’s
March 3rd, 2013East Hartford, CTCabela’s
March 2nd, 2013Scarborough, MECabela’s
March 3rd, 2013Scarborough, MECabela’s
March 2nd, 2013Charleston, WVCabela’s
March 3rd, 2013Charleston, WVCabela’s
March 2nd, 2013Reno, NVCabela’s
March 3rd, 2013Reno, NVCabela’s
March 2nd, 2013Union Gap, WACabela’s
March 3rd, 2013Union Gap, WACabela’s
March 2nd, 2013Sidney, NECabela’s
March 3rd, 2013Sidney, NECabela’s
March 2nd, 2013Rapid City, SDCabela’s
March 3rd, 2013Rapid City, SDCabela’s
March 2nd, 2013Grand Junction, COCabela’s
March 3rd, 2013Grand Junction, COCabela’s
March 2nd, 2013Post Falls, IDCabela’s
March 3rd, 2013Post Falls, IDCabela’s
March 2nd, 2013Lacey, WACabela’s
March 3rd, 2013Lacey, WACabela’s
March 2nd, 2013Boise, IDCabela’s
March 3rd, 2013Boise, IDCabela’s
March 2nd, 2013Lehi, UTCabela’s
March 3rd, 2013Lehi, UTCabela’s
March 2nd, 2013Tulalip, WACabela’s
March 3rd, 2013Tulalip, WACabela’s
March 2nd, 2013Springfield, ORCabela’s
March 3rd, 2013Springfield, ORCabela’s
March 7th, 2013Toronto, ONThe Fox Theater
March 9th, 2013Cranbrook, BCPrestige Rocky Mountain Resort
March 15th, 2013Dieppe, NBThe Moncton Coliseum
March 16th, 2013Edmonton, ABCabela’s
March 17th, 2013Edmonton, ABCabela’s
March 26th, 2013Juneau, AKGoldtown Nickelodeon
March 29th, 2013North Bend, WANorth Bend Theater
March 30th, 2013Portland, ORBagdad Theater
April 6th, 2013Fernie, BCThe Vogue Theater
January 18th, 2013Punta Arena/Puerto Natales, ChilePor Definir



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