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Kronborg tip (Kronborgpynten) - Elsinore - Denmark

Published Nov 1st 2013

This service will help the angler visiting the area find interesting fishing spots, shops and other activities that can be worth spending time on while staying here


Type of water: ocean
Fishing from: beach
Access to water: wading
Potential species: cod, garfish, sea trout (sea run)
License: Danish state license
Kronborg tip
Local name: Kronborgpynten
City: Elsinore (Helsingør)

An old royal castle placed right on the beach in the 'corner' between the east and the north coast of Sjaelland offering some really excellent fishing in one of the most productive coastal stretches on Sjaelland. The conditions can be rough when it's windy and the water can become dirty, but it clears up quickly when the wind comes down. Fishable in most winds apart from harder winds from straight north to straight east.
The Kronborg tip can be very busy during the garfish season where people will be standing shoulder to shoulder along the whole beach, fighting for space and fish.

Royal waters