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Bogholm Lake (Bøgeholmsøen) - Elsinore - Denmark

Published Nov 1st 2013

This service will help the angler visiting the area find interesting fishing spots, shops and other activities that can be worth spending time on while staying here


Type of water: lake
Fishing from: bank
Access to water: wading
Potential species: perch, pike
Bogholm Lake
Local name: Bøgeholmsøen
City: Elsinore (Helsingør)

Beautiful lake in the forest, which as one of the few lakes in the area can be fished wading due to being shallow and having large beds of firm weed growth. The lake is no more than 2 meters (about 6 feet) deep in any part.

Holds a healthy population of decent pike, but also perch as well as roach, bream and other coarse fish are present.