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Great Vejle Stream (Store Vejleå) - Copenhagen - Denmark

Published Nov 1st 2013

This service will help the angler visiting the area find interesting fishing spots, shops and other activities that can be worth spending time on while staying here


Type of water: stream
Fishing from: bank
Access to water: from land only
Potential species: bream, ide, perch, pike
License: Must be bought at the local tourist office and requires a state license too:
Ishøj Turistbureau
Ishøj Store Torv 25
2635 Ishøj

The current price is DDK 50.- per day
Great Vejle Stream
Local name: Store Vejleå
City: Copenhagen (København)

The freshwater part of the Ishoej Harbor area, known for its large perch, but also for lots of bream. The stream is slow and ends in a lake that has a sluice into the harbor basin, and sometimes the saltwater flows into the lake and stream. The access is easy and anglers are catered to with tables and benches and even a small pier for disabled anglers.

The saltwater part of the area is covered separately.

The lake on Great Vejle Stream


Easy access by car and a short walk to the sluice where you can descend to the water and fish from the bank. There's a path along the stream, but the trees and brushes are quite dense along its banks and require you to find the holes created by anglers. The stream is fished from the bank, and fly fishing is difficult due to the vegetation.